Life is magical and glimpses of spirit sometimes drop right into our laps. Last week my oldest child, Maddie asked me to read a poem she had written earlier that day. She is a freshman in high school and mentioned that she had composed it during her study period. “The words just kind of fell onto the page.” she said. 

To my wise, graceful and amazing daughter, thank you for this spectacular glimpse of sprit!


CREATOR  by Maddie Banich

When I was born
my cry was heard throughout the galaxies, the deep blue of my eyes spilled into the sky and the glint of my smile lit the sun.

I am pure light

In a tantrum,
the kicking of my legs created the mountains and my tears splattered as the stars
and pooled in the oceans.

I am power

As I teetered on my training bike,
it’s wheels paved the valleys,
it’s sounding bell echoed across the land and my skidding knees flattened the plains.

I am humble

When I grew tired of pacifiers,
I hurled them toward the ground joyfully and in a great spectacle of fire and light, I ended the Jurassic Era.

I am reckless

In middle school, my hands molded
the birds and animals out of cold clay, firing them to light their inner sparks and blessing each as an individual.

I am creative

In a contest of strength,
Hercules and I broke apart Pangea
and hurled its pieces throughout the world, sending the Earth spinning.

I am neverending

The darkness of night frightened me so with the help of my friend, Selene,I created the Moon and slung it into the sky So forever was it illuminated.

I am peace

I fell for a being named Heimdall,
who lived atop Asgard and many miles
separated our love; He built a rainbow bridge to me so I’d know I was always in his heart.

I am beautiful

The immensity of my being may astound you, and I believe it should
For I am on this Earth to bring
justice, light and love.

I live within each creature and each ray of light that beams, and I am that of legends that only come in dreams.

I love all of creation, rolling sea and willow tree, and I hope that soon you’ll realize, you are a part of me.