Recently a friend asked me to contribute to a project she was curating entitled, “Messages from the Goddesses”. She is planning to give this collected wisdom to a group of young women age 11-15 who attended her Girl Power retreat.

Notes to my younger self


Laugh more~ especially at yourself. For goodness sake, stop being so serious! The coolest people your future self will encounter are those who allow themselves to be somewhat ridiculous and certainly silly on a daily basis.


Worry less about your “permanent record” and more about the kindness you show to yourself and the world around you. The world needs you to share your heart.


Show up. Occupy your own sacred space. Be seen.


You are now and always will be of infinite worth. You are made of stars. Nothing you ever do, create, accomplish or win will alter this fact. You do not have to earn this. It is your Divine birthright. Walk tall.


Live a creative life. As you move into the big, wide world resist the pressure to set down that which you loved as a kid. Keep painting, dancing, doodling, singing, writing, CREATING. If you leave this vital part of your goddess-self behind, your heart will hurt and the world will lose some of it’s magic.


Call your parents. Create a budget. Count your blessings. Stick to the budget. Drink more water. Eat fresh food. Find a sport or an exercise that you love doing. Make time for it. Be present. Breathe. Pray.


Learn to make a great pot of soup and a lovely cup of tea. Honor your body. Never stop being curious. Volunteer your time, treasure and talents for others. Fall in love. Stay with the one who makes you laugh and feel free.


Travel often. Make new friends but keep the old. Celebrate the moon. Celebrate the seasons. Celebrate everything. Life passes more quickly than you can possibly comprehend~ and it is one action packed, joy-filled, occasionally heart-breaking adventure. Live it.

Please add our own wisdom and musings in the comments below.