Are you looking to jump-start a beautiful shift within yourself this spring?

Are you interested in exploring how weekly gemstone alchemy sound and time committed to self-care may enhance your well-being?


Join me for a transformational small group 6-week journey to help identify and remove your personal blocks, enhance the harmony of your being and reconnect with your vitality all in time for the light-filled days of summer.

I am interested in guiding a small group of interested individuals utilizing sound,inquiry and meditation exercises to create more spaciousness, health and vibrancy within their lives. This group will meet in the den at the Center and will be limited to six participants. 


Dates: Friday 4/29, 5/6. 5/20, 5/27, 6/3 and 6/10. (Please note there will be no class 5/13 as I will be out of town.)

Cost: $150

How to enroll: Email Aveen to register~ [email protected]