This morning, in early morning darkness, I was puttering around the kitchen making lunches for my kids. I was already deep within the maze of my mind, planning and making lists for the day; worrying how I would fit everything in. Gently, a little hand tugged at my robe and invited me back to the present moment. It was James and although upright and walking around, he was still fuzzy and warm from sleep. He clutched his favorite blankie and with no words he nudged me over to the couch in our darkened family room.

Still silent, he climbed into my lap and snuggled there. I wrapped his blanket around him and rubbed his back a little just enjoying the silence. He breathed a lovely deep sigh that told me he was content. And I was content too.
He is getting bigger and so independent lately and as he is my youngest, I know these mornings of silent snuggles will soon be a memory in this house.

My older three are now awake and buzzing about in the constant push to eat, prepare, gather and dash. This dance occurs every school morning. I must say despite the ticking clock, I love this sacred time of day. Today for a few moments, I watch them and listen from the couch with James in my lap. I marvel at how the time has flown since they were the ones in my arms.

Soon enough James shakes off his slumber, pops a kiss on my cheek and leaves to go and choose what he will bring for “show and share” at school today.

My arms are now empty but my heart remains full. I have a knowing that I will feel this way again many times as my children continue to grow and fly from this nest of our home. On this dark and cool weekday morning however, I am content to just be here now. And today, that is more than enough.