Yes, your inner truths, gifts, and innate power are calling to you to awaken. And, yes, your soul is indeed communicating these messages with you in this very moment.

Aveen serves as a guide and mentor to support you in centering in this knowing so your and your life can transform.

You are invited to review these session and packages, all designed for your ultimate support and guidance, and then to intuitively select what best aligns with your resolve to evolve!

  • Virtual Programs
  • Flow, Resonance, and Your Intuition
  • Find greater joy, connection, purpose, access to intuition, and love in our lives.
  • Paid in full: $399
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  • Sound Healing
  • Offering individual sound healing or group sessions
  • Group pricing options available
  • Release blocks
  • Accelerate your Healing
  • Find your Zen
  • Learn More
  • Yoga
  • Offering Yin, Restorative and Gentle Flow
  • Blended with sacred sound
  • All levels welcome
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  • Online Courses
  • Wholehearted Weight Loss Program
  •  6-week program
  • 100% online and self-paced $99
  • Online plus 1:1 coaching with Aveen $499
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Resolve to Evolve

Aveen’s work as a transformational mentor and guide helps amplify your own knowing so that you may trust those whispers and step confidently into your own truths and divinity. Reach out to Aveen today to fulfill your destiny.